Thursday, April 06, 2006


I think he'll come back. He loves me really

Drones, thumps & BUTTOCKS!

Today heard a grunt outside. Sent the drone....
Don't call me a drone you witch.
Not you dear, the DRONE.
As I was saying I sent the drone to investigate and it found a crashed hover rider. Nice horsey machine half buried in the sand. Broken NavProm. Obvious.
Hignat you forgot to mention buttocks.
Oh! Lordyforlordy! And those thighs. You saw his thighs didn't you Hignat?
Who could forget those skull-crushing thighs?
..and the buttocks.
I mentioned the buttocks already.
And the thighs?
Mmm, ditto.
Give me a moment I have to breath slowly for a while.
Anyway, he was an officer of the League. Name of, what was it? Bones? Holmes?
No, must have been Bones.
He was on some important mission so he said, but we know what he really wanted. Men! Its all they think about, taking advantage of weak young beautiful vulnerable good hearted girls like us.
Like you dear. You're the weak one.
Anyway he just wanted our parts and even though he told me that he loved me he turned his back and left. I've killed bigger men than him. That night with Sadie they didn't walk their snake that night. I was magnificent.
We were...
You? You weren't there, never there when there's killing to be done. What did you do about Henry?
Henry? He would have died anyway.
Yes, but its better that they go when there's space.
You're heartless.
Heartless? Don't give me heartless. I have plenty of hearts. Shall I open the freezer and get one out?

Blogging again - found hot spot

Walked down to the entry Gate to pick up a comms signal leaking into Lawless so I can update my blog. Can't do it at the tent on sandstorm days or during stench season or during the flyfest. Lots of jamming signals even on a good day make reception difficult, but the entry gate has a fat field that you can usually patch into.

Had a nice chat with, what was her name? Sadie.
Sadie? I don't remember any Sadie.
Are you sure? I thought it was Sadie.
No dear you mean Jadie.
Hadie? No I mean the one with the rustbucket.
The one with the rust bucket? Oh, that was definitely, Sadie.
But that's what I said.
Yes. dear and I am agreeing with you, why do you always turn things into a fight?
Me? Fight? Well we had to fight that night.

That's true we fought like demons. Fancy bringing a rustbucket into Lawless. Pifkopf!

Didn't she Call her robot Feets? Beets, dear, Beets. Called her robot Beets. It was obviously a Chuprassy.

That's it she was sweet on her robot Beets and I said it was her sugar-beets.
Yes Hignat we did laugh.
Marauders attacked to take the robo.

Fancy bringing a rust bucket into lawless.

I had to protect her, nice girl, no legs though.
She could fight.
Fight.yes, but no killer spirit she won't last in Lawless. Dead by now for sure.
She was looking for Jefratus.
Yes. that's right. Husband or brother or some such. Hope she catches up with him before her demons get her.

It was Jefratus that was driving the Konficar, we know that now. He's some kind of scientist, rich too.
Well obviously he's rich if he can afford a Konficar.
Could have stole it.
Why would a rich scientist steal a Konficar and then come into Lawless and in such a conspicuous vehicle?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Spotted Konficar, that's LOOT by the boodle full

Today saw something never expected in Lawless. A bullet magnet Konficar. We're all trying to track it. They'll be marauders coming down from the mountains attracted by the sun sparkle on the silver sides of the body. Madness to bring such a shiney craft into Lawless what do they teach them back in CivLand?
I don't think we should track it.
No? Why? Hignat Smith what nasty plan are you plotting behind my front?
Hignat Smith don't you trust me?
Pifkof ! I know what you're thinking even when you try to keep it a secret. You think that the driver of the Konficar is smarter than we think and he wants to attract attention.
Oh, that hadn't occurred to me. No I just meant that with everyone attacking it, as is inevitable, we should stay out of the way and just pick-up the dead, strip them of their valuables and come back to the tent for a cosy chat with whoever comes in looking for the Konficar.
You think they'll be others?
I feel it in my piss.

Kind hearted in Lawless

I have been living in Lawless for more years than I would recall if questioned by the police. I pegged my tent near entry arch 17 and I sponsor the warning signs. I'm a good hearted woman is why.
No,Hignat you know that's a lie.
What? Who asked you to but your butt into my business. I'm trying to have a good blog.
I know dear, I'm blogging too.
You are? Where?
No! That's MY blogs. Hignat.blogspot is MINE!
Nonsense dear, I've been blogging here for years.

Anyway, as I was saying, before SHE interrupted, I sponser the warning signs because I like to have a nice friendly chat to newcomers before they die.
That's nice dear.
Thank you, you like talking to them too don't you?
Yes, dear, but I have to keep an eye on you in case you steal my little treasures.
Me? Cheek! You're the one with the slippery hands.

Anyway as I was saying, newcomers enter and most of them don't survivbe the night so I like to have a chat before their demons get them.

Lawless is a place where you can really relax.
(As long as you have good weaponry, solid legs and the killer instinct.)
Don't go frightening them off. If we don't have newcomers who will there be to chat with? Just Marauders and they smell.